The Indelible Stain

I’ve said over and over and over again that I’m not partial to one particular presidential candidate (Biden aside) at this stage in the race, but my signif is an Obama supporter and we talk about the Democratic primary contest a lot.

He brought up an interesting thought last night that I’m going to float here.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, how long before Monica Lewinsky’s front page news all over again? How long before a Swift Boat-esque 527 produces an ad turning the follow spot back on Bill’s bad behavior?

It would be horrible form for Obama to throw that card now, but it’s a predictable play from the Republican camp come the general.

Does that make Clinton less electable? Is this a factor to be considered by the DNC should the candidacy come down to superdelegate choice? Could her husband’s past destroy her future and put a democratic White House win in jeopardy?

6 thoughts on “The Indelible Stain”

  1. Cute ditty.

    I met Monica in NYC a few years ago. She was a friend of a friend. I have no sympathy for her bad behavior and lousy choices then, but now that she’s gotten some semblance of privacy back, a large part of me thinks she deserves to keep it.

  2. My boss is constantly on top of political news, and has “inside information” that Murdock is waiting for a Clinton nomination before he goes public with the list of names of Bill’s indiscriminations…

    I think a whole list of naughties might not be good for Hil. You can only stand by yer man for so long.

    Just sayin’.

  3. Not that I want to feed ammo to the enemy, but the script writes itself:

    *ringing phone*

    It’s 3am, Hillary. Do you know where your husband is?


    She can’t keep her husband in line. Can you trust her to run the country?


  4. I believe the candidate that brings up the nineties and Monica is toast, the American public had it’s fill of that disgusting episode of gotcha politics. American’s believed it was disgustingly unfair then and they will be even more disgusted if it’s regurgitated and spewed at them again.

    I believe Hillary Clinton would be the stronger candidate even though I contributed early to the Obama campaign. I foresee Obama becoming a punching bag for the Republicans and a loss for the Democrats. I believe the American public’s disgust of the Republicans over reactions, will insulate Hillary Clinton from it happening again.

  5. While the Lewinsky scandal was a little disgusting, I never thought it was disgustingly “unfair.” And I was a big Clinton supporter.

    If you think that when Fox/ Limbaugh etc. start dredging this up it will hurt McCain more than Hillary, you’re dreaming.

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