To Us and Stuff

The signif and I are celebrating two years together tomorrow. For those of you who have been paired up for impressively longer periods of time, feel free to chuckle. But for us, it’s a big enough deal to warrant a little self-congratulatory indulgence.

In other self-promotional news, I posted for the first time over at Chez John and Joe. I consider them friends, and while I appreciate my name and byline popping up on a liberal blog may unintentionally bother some of my more conservative friends and cohorts, I just want to make it clear that this does not in any way change my commitment to nonpartisan journalism.

John and Joe were kind enough to think of me when rounding out the roster for the time being, and since I’m loving the writing on a regular basis, I figured an additional outlet couldn’t hurt.

I’m going to keep the light on and the bar fully stocked here. And I don’t plan to crosspost often – if at all. Think of it as opening a second location in a more well-trafficked neighborhood.

Interested in a third in your neck of the woods? All you’ve got to do is ask.

2 thoughts on “To Us and Stuff”

  1. hey Jackie,

    I met John A in Vegas during the first YearlyKos. We shared a cab fron the Hard Rock to the Riveira, so it’s not like we are friends, but I have read his Blog daily since. I have missed your reports on cnn, but glad to see you have a new outlet.

    good luck

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