And Another Thing..

1. I told you there was something in the water in New York. Oh Eliot. Geez.

2. I sat on a train for more than 6 hours last night. However, rumor has it the delay was because someone committed suicide and they had to close down the tracks. You sort of lose your right to complain in the wake of that one.

3. I came home to a neighborhood-wide power outage. It was superdark.

4. I refuse to get into a pissing match over opening up conversation online. Anyone who’s bothered to get to know me rather than spew ill-informed criticism knows that no one has been a bigger champion of the online world than I have. I had/have no control over what pops up on your TV. I didn’t drink the MSM Kool-Aid. I don’t even really like Kool-Aid. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat either. I don’t respect blind allegiance to a party line. I don’t have a candidate yet because I’m torn. Between whom is none of your business.

5. Finally, it doesn’t take a lot of talent and/or guts to criticize strangers online. You can still call me the Blog Chick – most people do – but I’m also the chick that defends bloggers to no end, trying desperately to explain why your work matters. Go ahead. Jump to conclusions. Why take the time to really read what I write instead of formulating an easy snap judgment? I’m not advocating positions. Just posing questions. And giving you a little insight into what’s bound to creep into MSM discourse should the Democratic contest continue to be so close.

Therein lies the logic. But why be rational and logical when you can be a stereotype, right?

Frankly, I’d think you’d want to aim higher…but who am I to judge?

3 thoughts on “And Another Thing..”

  1. Spitzer’s bank turned him in, imagine that, a financial institution ratting out a customer.

    I’m sure the DOJ started the whole thing with its spying operations. It’s amazing what the DOJ can do when it’s motivated.

    But in the end, Eliot has to face himself and his family. It’s a shame but I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the politicians in this country were adulterers.

  2. I just got around to reading all the details this morning b/c I was traveling all day yesterday and didn’t get home until after 1am…to a blackout!

    But it really is something, ain’t it?

    What was he thinking? Not only a public figure…but one with enemies.

  3. apparently, sex is his “achille’s heel,” but perhaps some other body part would be more appropriately linked, metaphorically speaking.

    I don’t think he should resign, and there is plenty of precedent for not resigning: Larry Craig, David Vitter(s), Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, George Bush( for screwing us without our permission)

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