AI Redux

Syesha’s got to stop telling us she’s a working actress. I believe it. She’s doing an excellent job of working my last nerve.

That whole opening brag about the new set reminds me of the wife who comes home and wants to show her husband her purchases. He doesn’t care. Neither does the home audience. The set looks the same from here.

Michael Johns is no Rufus Wainwright.

Kristy looks dead behind the eyes. If you’re going to go country (assuming we’re even calling tonight’s song country) on AI, you better be Carrie Underwood’s long lost twin sister. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Jason’s got purty eyes (and a good service, I’d bet). Carly…flawless. David Cook…solid. Archuleta…not so much.

I’m fairly indifferent toward the rest.

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