You Boob!

Via FishbowlNY, I found this story of former sex worker Audacia Ray who turned down an MSNBC appearance because the booking producer asked if she’d ever been a whore.

Sounds less like a media issue than a personality issue on behalf of the booker/producer. Who does that? If Ray’s account is accurate, seems the MSNBC employee needs a refresher course in basic human interaction. Interpersonal Communications 101.

No doubt booking guests to weigh in on a sex scandal has the potential to be slightly tricky, but the process probably gets a whole lot easier if you treat possible contributors with respect and not speak to them like you’re recruiting for Girls Gone Wild.

2 thoughts on “You Boob!”

  1. Oh but what if she had answered ‘yes’ and then they used that as her title on the chryon or whatever it’s called..

    Naa, MSNBC would never do anything like that?

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