Tossing Your Cookies

Seems some people are trying to resell their Girl Scout Cookies online on sites like ebay and Craigslist.

The SF Chronicle’s baby blog (awesomely named The Poop) has a good detailed take on cookiegate.

Since I’m not out and about in officeland these days, I actually haven’t come across anyone selling Girl Scout Cookies, but I do know my signif made a purchase at work. I, however, have seen no sign of said purchase. So when he called this afternoon, I asked about the state of the sweets and was informed he had already consumed two of the three boxes and had no immediate plans to bring the remainder home.

My inquiry as to why was met with an “I didn’t know you cared that much” which I immediately identified as a defense mechanism and an attempt to assuage his guilt.

He’s an excellent partner, and I am a lucky girl. But when it comes to delicious snacks in this relationship, I’m quickly learning all bets are off.

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