Playing Fast and Loose

So last night, the following exchange takes place in my living room:

Signif: Hey, come in here. Listen to this. What is he saying? (presses play on the DVR)

Sportscenter announcer: The NFL Network is reporting Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall slipped on a fast food bag, severing an artery, and is expected to be out for several months.

Signif: What did he slip on?

Me: I think he said “fast food bag.” Is that what you got?

Turns out Marshall’s story – that he got up to get water, slipped on a wrapper, and put his hand through the TV – is just as fabricated as it sounds. This is more like it:

According to NFL Network, Marshall’s slip and fall on a McDonald’s bag Saturday at an Orlando, Fla., resort also included a bit of wrestling with a family member.

The resulting smash of Marshall’s right forearm through an entertainment system created damage more severe than the player indicated publicly.


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