Mixed Emotions

Liz and I went to college together. It’s fun to see her in films. She always wanted be an actress so there’s an added joy of knowing she’s a good girl who got what she wanted.

However, reading she’s likely to play Laura Bush makes me a little sad. Not that Liz should have passed on the probably high-profile and lucrative gig, but the thought of anyone taking on that role – let alone someone I like – is just unsettling.

UPDATE: I should probably clarify this a bit. I just feel the wounds inflicted by the current administration are raw and considering we are still very much mired in the muck of W’s presidency, a movie depicting the life o’ Bush is not something this country truly needs. It’s the same way making a movie about 9/11 felt unnecessary to me. At least so soon afterwards. The horror didn’t/doesn’t need to be dramatized.

One thought on “Mixed Emotions”

  1. But she gets to play it against Josh Brolin’s Bush! Ha!

    It reminds me of that ridiculous show that came out right after Bush was elected: That’s My Bush. Does anyone remember that? I miss the days when we all thought he was just a big fucking joke.

    Can I just say how much love I have for Slither? And how amazingly she creates a saccharine-sweet, endearing and genuine character in the middle of the most ridiculously 80s-esque B movie I’ve seen since, well, the 80s.

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