Really American Idol

And the breakdown goes a little something like this:

Syesha is talented but no less annoying.

Everything about Michael Johns is just too plain for my taste. The name. The look. The love of tennis. No thanks.

It’s hard for Carly to do wrong in my eyes, but I’m wondering what the bathroom reference meant. She get sick beforehand? Was there a feminine issue she started to reference and then thought better of it in front of the intimate crowd of 30 million?

G-d Bless the USA? Really? Ok, say it now. Jacki hates America. Whatever. I couldn’t even watch all of KLC’s performance. It just screamed, “I dare you. Vote me off now, suckers. You can’t. I’m too patriotic.”

Hey, did you think maybe David Archuleta’s choice was a Christian Rock song? Yeah, we did too. It didn’t do anything for me, but my signif – who is significantly less tone deaf than I – says Archuleta has a rare tone quality to his voice that’s worth the price of admission. Well, tone and the possibility of getting to watch dancing vegetables back him up.

David Cook. Alien head. Stellar voice. Hands down top seed.

Signif gets the final word: “The last guy was the best tonight, but I’m still betting on the little kid and his dance-a-matronic celery.”

One thought on “Really American Idol”

  1. i like the canadian blonde, she’s good and seems real.

    david cook needs a new hairstyle.

    god bless the USA? pathetic pandering, let’s see simon make fun of me now, the whole country will kill him.

    and all the black people are getting voted off, again!

    ryan seacrest is so gay, he loves simon’s chest hair, it’s all he thinks about each week.

    randy jackson needs to get over himself because he has limited talent.

    paula abdul could find the positive aspect of a hemmaroid.

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