Yeah, She’s Tough to Recognize

The Washington Post has got a first look at some of the celebrities expected to show at next month’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. If past years are any indication, you can expect an American Idol castoff or two to join Ben Affleck and Hayden Panettiere on the final list.

Besides being a colossal bore of a dinner, the pseudo-soiree could possibly be the DC media’s most embarrassing display of ass kissing ever seen. The couple of years I’ve been, I’ve been astonished at the amount of uncomfortable posturing and positioning by some of the most accomplished and high level people in news and government.

Best story to come from last year’s spectacle – Remember Sheryl Crow and Laurie David were in attendance as part of their big Stop Global Warming campaign? Well, even before their run-in with Karl Rove, they were a big hit with the suck-up contingent. In fact, I watched a senior cable news executive push himself right through the throng and tap Laurie David on the shoulder and say, “Sheryl…I want you to meet our State Department Correspondent…She’s a big fan.” I kid you not. Captain Know-It-All was so out of touch with pop culture that he couldn’t pick Sheryl Crow out of a crowd of two! That, my friends, is a DC news dork in action.

As for my personal accomplishments in the Washington social arena, I was so low on the totem pole year one (and never climbed much higher thank you very much) that I had no qualms about pushing the envelope a little. A fellow correspondent and I snuck into the Bloomberg after party as part of Cedric the Entertainer’s entourage. No joke. It worked. And we had a blast simply because we couldn’t care less.

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