American Idol: I Give Back

Michael Johns, stop trying to make the ascot happen. Plus, that screeching…like a cat in heat. And I know because there’s one living behind my house.

Syesha sounded fine tonight. She’s a decent singer, sure. But I totally agree with Randy and Simon. Something was missing. Something is always missing for me with her. There’s no depth.

Jason Castro. Yes. Very much so. Nice nice job. However, whoever is dressing him should be shot. I’m guessing it’s the same person who picked Michael’s ascot.

Kristy Lee Cook. I got nothing. Next.

David Cook. Adore him and think he’s a rockstar, but tonight wasn’t his best. He seemed distracted. And the white jacket was another lousy fashion decision.

Oh, Carly. Paula got it on the mark. Voice was great but there was no connection to the song. I like her though, and she – like DC – gets a pass from me.

David Archuleta is another one with a technically solid voice, but – again – I wasn’t feeling the song. Maybe it’s me. Okay, the judges all loved it so yup, it’s me.

And finally, Brooke, who is totally growing on me, did a good job. I like the song. I liked her rendition. Not bad at all.

I’m warning you now that I have no plans to watch tomorrow night’s givebackaganza so you’ll have to get your recap of that elsewhere.

One thought on “American Idol: I Give Back”

  1. Love Cook (David, not that Jesus-freaked, countrified idiot Kristy Lee), and give him HUGE props for loving Our Lady Peace — one of my favorite bands on Earth. But yeah, unfortunately last night wasn’t one of his better performances.

    Now then…

    I’m officially putting a bounty on the head of David Archuletta. That fucking little kid is going to win, because tween-America will see to it, and the neutered Disneyfication of all forms of entertainment will be complete. That kid’s the lost fucking Jonas Brother and should die accordingly. Rise my minions — take down Archuletta for the good of us all.

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