Enough is Enough

I can’t be the only one totally fed up with the nitpicking ridiculousness.

We’re at war. The economy is in shambles. Healthcare’s a disaster. And the Democratic primary’s become a battle of twisted semantics?

It all feels terribly juvenile and reeks of fabricated alarmism. Republican strategists play these games. We’ve come to expect it. But the Clinton campaign isn’t wearing faux indignation well.

I’m not buying that a single person on that team – including Clinton herself – honestly believes Obama’s elitist and out of touch. It’s an absurd argument – especially coming from a candidate who’s essentially US political royalty, deeply entrenched in high society.

In fact, I think assuming voters are ignorant enough to buy your phony outrage is elitist and out of touch in and of itself

4 thoughts on “Enough is Enough”

  1. If you aren’t pissed off, you are either a complete moran or more likely the elitist you’re pretending not to be.

    What Obama said is completely true. It’s hard to find anyone in rural or small town USA (like, where I live) that doesn’t vote against their own self interest on the basis of phony rhetoric about immigration, guns and/or religion.

    Ride through ANY small town trailer park and count the Bush-Cheney stickers still. You don’t see ‘Focus on the Family’/NRA/’This car will be unmanned in case of rapture’/ etc … themed stickers on cars in gated communities, but you’ll see one at every red light in any small town.

  2. Hi Jacki. I’ve been saying this elsewhere: Bush’s torture admission matters more than anything else this week, and we ought to stay on the topic to the exclusion of everything else. I’ve tried to do that at Pruning Shears. If we’re serious we should take the “No Primary Pledge”. For God’s sake stop contributing to the Clinton/Obama drama. Every word we write on it gives aid and comfort to the horserace paradigm. I’ve seen a lot of hand wringing over it on the left-leaning blogs but every word posted on it dignifies the talking heads. We might not be able to change them but surely we can change ourselves.

  3. Yes please. Let’s move on with the winner, stop this grasping at straws, and start arguing about issues that matter.

    Take heart Hills, even I come in second sometimes.

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