American Idol: “High Profile” Edition

Is it just me or is there an extraordinary amount of boobage on display tonight?

That’s actually not a knock against David Archuleta who’s up first (though he is wearing leather pants). Consensus here is that he’s the best singer, but he’s not a rock/pop star. He’s Broadway through and through. Or Disney movies. Or Josh Groban-esque. Maybe even Christian rock. But not Billboard rock/pop. Btw, did I mention he’s wearing leather pants?

Carly looks pretty, and I enjoy her voice, but there is no nuance to her performance. She stays soft at one level and then gets loud at one level, but there is no variation beyond volume. She may be in trouble. Sadly.

Syesha‘s got serious pitch problems. I’m tone deaf so she sounds fine to me, but my signif’s got the ear, and he says she’s off. Plus, I just don’t like her so it’d be hard for her to win me over regardless.

Brooke sounds breathless. We’re not liking this. We think the piano’s distracting her from the singing, and she’s just off all around. Not good. On the upside, she does have nice hair. I’ll give her that.

KLC went from dead behind the eyes to bad facial expressions and weird arms, but I suppose she sang well. She’s another one I have trouble giving the benefit of the doubt no matter what.

David Cook should win. He sounds like a rockstar. He butched up a Mariah Carey song. Game over.

I’m generally pro-Jason Castro. I dig his sound. It’s soothing. But tonight I zoned it out. Someone told me recently that if you cut open dreads, they smell all mildewy because they never really dry. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think about it every time Jason sings.

So there you have it. What’s your best guess? Carly? Syesha? I’m hoping the latter, but you never know.

One thought on “American Idol: “High Profile” Edition”

  1. Tell your signif that he is, indeed correct: Syesha has serious pitch problems, especially on those high power notes. God, it makes me want to wriggle out of my skin. WHY can’t the rest of ‘Merica hear it? WHY GOD WHY.

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