American Idol: Show tunes!

I guess since so many of ’em end up doing musical theater anyway, it makes sense to give the American Idol pool a national audition. Too bad it was lousy TV for the rest of us.

Don’t be shocked if “Broadway Star” pops up on the program schedule next season. AI is losing momentum, and Andrew Lloyd Webber has already got a reality show abroad:

BBC1, this Saturday at 7.05pm: the next live episode of I’d Do Anything, the TV search for stars of a new West End production of Oliver!

He’s a musical genius – and charming – so I can see why they wanted to cut a deal and get him out in front of the American public sooner rather than later. However, the one guy who should have been right at home in the genre last night botched it, and the rest just looked downright awkward.

Except Syesha. Drama queen turned it out. Surprised? Me neither.

Archuleta had to do nothing…NOTHING…to any song on the list, and he would have been fine. But I didn’t like his adult easy listening version of whatever it was he sang. I know technically it was solid as usual, but entertaining? Not so much.

Carly and Cook were fine. Brooke was a bona fide train wreck. And Jason. Poor Jason. It was bad on its own. Worse in the closing montage. Just awkward.

Why put the poor souls through that? Pop stars don’t usually hit Broadway until they’ve exhausted their options. I don’t care if David Cook never turns up on stage in that capacity. In fact, I’d rather he didn’t.

When can we start voting the producers off the show?

2 thoughts on “American Idol: Show tunes!”

  1. i would have enjoyed hearing one of the ladies sing “i don’t know how to love him” but maybe that song would be too controversial nowadays.

    i figured the whole show must be a promotion for foxowned casino’s in vegas where webber is located, no?

    i think eventually simon and ryan are going to come out of the closet together, they spar like old movie starlets.

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