Hot Tip

If at any point in your career, you’ve sent a cover letter and/or resume through Hotjobs, go in now and make sure your personal info hasn’t been made public.

I got a call tonight from someone claiming I’d expressed interest in furthering my education. I am pretty sure the next step in my educational development is not going to come from anyone who’s selling it to me over the phone. When I asked the guy on the other end of the line – who was persistent and yet a horrible liar – where he got my phone number, he claimed someone from my email address sent him an application. It’s an old email account, but one used during my NYC job-hunting days, so I knew immediately where to look.


And sure enough, my resume was there for all to see. Complete with email, info, and cell on display. Needless to say it took me less than a hot second to delete all traces, but I know I never – ever – would have opted to make that info public. I’m assuming at some point in the past few years, Yahoo reset the default and failed to mention.

So I suppose I owe Continuing Education Man a thanks after all. I found out telephone solicitors are now trolling online job sites for numbers. Sneaky way to dodge the Do Not Call list. May be a good Internet story to research some more.

I’ll let you know what I learn.

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