Clinton’s Rocky Road

You walk into an ice cream shoppe in the mood for a scoop. You’re a mint chocolate chip fan but peering down into the cooler, all you see is a tub of rocky road. There is a second brown vat next to it, but the lid is on and there’s no label. Hungry and not inclined to pry, you settle on the chocolate marshmallow combo. It’s not exactly what you wanted, but it’ll do the trick.

Senator Clinton claimed in an interview this morning (on the network we do not admit we watched) that Michigan and Florida were real primaries. The people voted. And including these real primaries, she’s got more of the popular vote. It’s just now a matter of figuring out how to allocate delegates.

Clinton’s rocky road. She was the only ice cream in the freezer.* Almost half the voters opted for the mystery vat rather than walk away with a scoop of the only visible flavor on display. The rest took the cone but were quite possibly less than satisfied.

I bet if you’d put mint chip or peanut butter chocolate or even vanilla bean on the menu, rocky road wouldn’t have fared quite as well.

Senator Clinton, when you run against yourself, you don’t get to claim you’ve won. That argument’s as solid as a waffle cone of soft serve in the heat of summer. And having to clean up the slop your spin’s creating is turning out to be just as messy too.

*Slight clarification: Clinton was the only flavor in the freezer in Michigan. Florida voters did have a choice, but since all candidates agreed not to campaign down there, it’s like no one knew there was an ice cream parlor on the block except those tourists who wandered past on their way to somewhere else.

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4 thoughts on “Clinton’s Rocky Road”

  1. “This is an important point … The longer a superdelegate waits to choose, the likelier he’ll choose whoever the primaries and caucuses chose.

    That’s the kind of truth and wisdom that you can only find on a blog or electronic media that you’ll never see from the mainstream dumbed down corporate media only because they have every incentive to make the contest last as long as possible, and none to not. That’s why they are all too happy to go along with and even parrot whatever the ever-changing campaign spin/(ir)rationale of the day is for pretending it’s not already over.

  2. The Slate write’s good. Thanks for pointing to it.

    Being on the other side of the tube this election cycle has been a real eye-opener. I am absolutely getting better information online than on TV.

  3. It is this type of laser-like analysis that keeps me coming back to see what you will write about next.

    You are right, of course, but as bill w points, out, the “MSM” ignores the truth in favor of inciting mayhem, especially if it depicts the Dems as weak or fickle or screwed up, because, you know, the Republicans are grown up, can start wars and stuff.

    Hillary is getting more pathetic and unappealing every day. I understand and appreciate her demographic, but jesus h. christ, she’s really insufferable at this point.

  4. I was truly torn until the lying started. I can’t stand it in my personal or professional life. Why should I accept it from politicians?

    Just because that’s the way it’s always been doesn’t mean it’s the way it always has to be.

    If that standard applied, women and blacks would still not be allowed to vote – let alone run for president.

    Status quo is a rotten justification for bad behavior.

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