Orbitz: A Step Behind

This is why corporations should be Google Alerting themselves and keeping an eye on blog chatter. Because Orbitz customer service stinks, and corporate should know.

I booked a hotel I needed to cancel, and the online mechanism didn’t work. Orbitz sent an autolink to sign into my account, and that didn’t work. They gave me an alternate link with a temporary password. That didn’t work either. I sent an email to their help team, and no one got back to me. Finally, I called.

The Orbitz representative on the phone not only mis-repeated every detail I gave her but then proceeded to ask me over and over again if I did, in fact, want to cancel the reservation. The only reason I called was to cancel the reservation.

When we finally cleared that hurdle, the rep emailed me another login link which – shocker – failed. Now I’m supposed to wait for an email from the tech team to help me troubleshoot this issue. Is this the same crack help team that never responded to yesterday’s plea?

How inefficient does a company have to be to make online booking more complicated than dealing with a hotel or airline directly?

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