American Idol: Finally A Decent Theme Edition

TMZ always leaks the song list early. I’ll add my notes during the show, but on first glance, I bet the judges give Castro a hard time for being predictable.


David Cook
“Hungry Like the Wolf” – Love love love. His voice is so incredible. Killed it.

“Baba O’Riley” – Ok, Cook makes me want to be 10 years younger and a band groupie again. (Ha! The director just cut to a shot of two swooning blondes! Great minds.) Who tackles The Who and slaughters it? Who does that? Amazing.

Syesha Mercado
“Proud Mary” – Poor man’s imitation of Tina. Sorry. Didn’t like. Blech. (Randy and Paula praised her, but Simon said what I wrote so I win.)

“A Change is Gonna Come” – She doesn’t have a big enough voice to be a diva. She should stop trying to play one on TV. But the judges loved it so what do I know. (Did she really just compare her being on AI to the civil rights movement?)

Jason Castro
“I Shot the Sheriff” – Interesting. He actually went a little different direction, and I don’t think I liked it. He’s got such a low voice, and the big song drowned him out. “Utterly atrocious” from the British judge.

“Mr. Tambourine Man” – He forgot the words. I’ve got nothing else to add.

David Archuleta
“Stand by Me” – “I sing it in my room to myself…or my dog.” Seriously? Ok, his voice is pretty. Really pretty. I just wish it didn’t come in such a cheesy package. I’ll give it to the Kraft Single though. He nailed it.

“Love Me Tender” – Grandpa Archuleta’s back. The judges loved him. He put me to sleep.

I’d normally say Syesha goes home b/c of Castro’s fan following but not now. He’s done.

I actually think he’s done too. Tonight he performed like he’s over it.

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