Here’s Your Pin defines patriotism as the following:

devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.

Explain to me why a man who loves his country enough to want to run it is being forced to defend his patriotism:

[Obama] used his visit to Charleston to combat critics’ claims that he is not particularly patriotic or ready to be commander in chief, in part because he never served in the military, no longer wears a lapel flag pin and opposed the Iraq war from the start.

McCain’s got Obama on the military service thing. I’ll give him that. But opposing the Iraq war from the start gives Obama more credibility and good sense in my eyes, not less.

As for the asinine flag pin discussion, can we please retire it once and for all? It’s a pin. Let it go.

In fact, I’ve just decided. If that’s still your pet issue, you should not be allowed to vote.

One thought on “Here’s Your Pin”

  1. the “pin” is the most assinine “symbol” ever created: beware of those who wear the pin, they are generally cowards who hide behind the symbols of patriotism. the flag should be just that, a flag, that symbolizes our country, not a weapon to use against political enemies.

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