American Idol: Late to the Game Edition

My apologies for weighing in a little late. I was at Senator Reid‘s book party (no joke). It was at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and the food was supertasty. Very fried but worth every empty calorie.

Speaking of satisfying, via DVR, my take on the final three:

Archuleta – And So It Goes
What’s with the reverb off the top? That aside, nice. His voice is really pretty. The only thing that bugs me is the gasping for air. I don’t know if that’s normal and I’m just oversensitive to it or if he needs to work on his breath while singing. Remind me to ask someone who knows. All that aside though, he did sound good.

Syesha – If I Ain’t Got You
Forgettable. Am I the only one not getting it? She’s just as annoying as ever, and compared to the women who have nailed it in seasons past, she’s no superstar. Just my opinion.

Cook – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Weird choice. He did alright with it. His voice is terrific so there was no doubt he would. But it was just a bizarre song to have him sing. Simon was pleased with himself. I hope it doesn’t backfire.

Archuleta – With You
Ok. Is it me or was that a mess and a half? I didn’t understand a word he sang other than “with you.” And hearing that made me wish he’d left me out of it. Ick. I’m with Simon. It was awkward.

Syesha – Fever
Sex sells so I suppose she’s gonna aim to sell us some sex. Musical theater. Not American Idol. Oh good. Judges didn’t like it either. Lame cabaret, says Simon. I agree.

Cook – Dare You To Move
Eh. Love him but not so much that particular tune. That said, can he opt to skip the finale and head out on tour instead? I’d buy a ticket, and it would get him out of having to perform whatever lameass original tune they’re going to make the guys do next week. You know it’s just going to suck.

Archuleta – Longer
Now the breathing thing is really irking me. He did fine. It was much better than his awful stab at Chris Brown, but I’m again with Simon. Old and tired. Actually, this makes me wonder if Archuleta isn’t actually an old man trapped in a kid’s body. Can he do something age appropriate?

Syesha – Hit Me Up
Screechy. How did she get this far? Funny Randy just called it Rihanna-esque b/c I was thinking – while she was trying to thrust her booty – that Syesha’s no Rihanna.

***Random*** Did you catch the supercreepy dude in red staring at the camera – then Ryan – then the camera – then Ryan? He just earned himself a cameo on The Soup.

Cook – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
I like how he mixed this up. Yea! Happy Me. He rocked it. Great to end there. happy happy happy me… Simon says he won the night.

I don’t know if Cook fans can trump the Archuleta tween contingent because they’re less likely to flood the phone lines, but if we’re talking talent, Cook should take this season. I can see his album. What’s Archuleta going to put out? Ballads? Love songs? Tunes of sadness and longing? He’s 17. How much angst could the kid have?

Next week: David x 2 it shall be.

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