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“This is really about tearing down the walls of the convention so that ordinary people can see inside.”
– Howard Dean

The DNCC (via DNC Chairman Howard Dean) just announced the DemConvention State Blogger Corps – the state/local blogs that will be credentialed to sit with and cover their respective states and territories during the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August.

This is a terrific move on behalf of the establishment – to really embrace the power of online independent journalism:

More than 400 applications were received from bloggers across the United States and multiple territories. Some of the blogs selected for the State Corps are full-time, professional endeavors while others are the work of individuals, who through their own efforts have become recognized authorities on state and local politics. Bloggers had to submit daily audience information and provide examples of posts that made their blogs stand out as an effective online organizing tool or agent of change, a demonstration of both the reach and impact blogs have had and will continue to have on the 2008 election. The program recognizes the growth of more localized blogs and is in line with Governor Dean’s 50-state strategy.

But wait, there’s more:

In addition to the State Blogger Corps, the DNCC will soon credential a General Blogger Pool, to include local, state and national political bloggers, as well as niche and video bloggers from across the country. All applicants not selected for the State Blogger Corps are now eligible for selection as part of the General Blogger Pool.

Check out the Democratic National Convention website for the great list of progressive state/local blogs to bookmark.

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