American Idol: West Coast Hangover Edition

I think I’m officially an addict. I am forgoing sleep to watch AI.

The cheesy boxing analogies are just too much so I fast forwarded to the first song.

DC on U2: Can’t you just see Cook playing a stadium right now? He’s a bonafide rockstar of grade A proportions. And that is so not the lack of sleep talking. Loved it.

DA on Elton: Ok. He did well. His voice is solid as always, but I’m going to be the lone spoiler and say the song felt bigger than the singer. Wow. He’s crying. Simon thinks DA won this round, but I’m scoring it for Cook. Chances are I’ll inevitably hand them all to Cook, but we shall see.

DC on new song1: The tune’s style obviously suits him, but I don’t particularly like the song. Seems the judges agree. He did a decent job with what he had.

DA on new song2: What’s with the screaming tweens? As for the song…blech. Simon called it for DA again, but I think it was a tie. Both were bland, and I blame the material, not the talent.

DC on Collective Soul: This is a great tune. He changed it up a bit, but I like what he did with it. I would have preferred a little more power, but I suspect the judges will respect his playing with his voice. Oh, he’s in tears now too. They dug it, but Simon said he should have performed a repeat. DC’s reply, “Why do something I’ve already done?” Exactly. I agree 10,000,000 percent.

DA on Imagine: He should lose points for the repeat performance. Lame. See above. You’ve got to be ready, willing, and able to round out the repertoire. A real pro has a endless arsenal at his disposal. Pretty but predictable.

I am sure little David will win for a variety of reasons, none of which is that he’s the better well-rounded talent. But I am alright with that. David Cook is going to be infinitely more popular in the long run. Archuleta will win amongst the kids who vote. The rest of us will pay to go see Cook.

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