David Wins It

The results from Perez’ poll say it all. More people think Archuleta’s going to win, but more people want it to be Cook.

I’ve been dipping in and out of tonight’s long program, but Carrie Underwood is so talented it makes you forget she started on American Idol.

I haven’t talked to Chez (dumbass left her phone charger in wine country), but if he’s watching, I know a little piece of his soul died when the Jonas Brothers took the stage.

It’s now 9:56pm. They really do drag this mess out to the last possible minute, eh? And it’s going to be…

… David … Cook! Wow! Wow! He won by 12 million votes? Really? There is a G-d. Overall talent won. Real rock star talent. Happy day!

One thought on “David Wins It”

  1. They both seem to be jesus freaks. David A left out the atheist message in “Imagine” so it is impossible to believe it is his favorite song.

    David C sang crap about “with out faith there is nothing to believe in”.

    It sounded like the Christian Broadcasting Network.

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