Dopey and Sneezy

Apologies for being so late to post. I went out to the ‘burbs to have lunch with an old friend. My cabbie on the way there went on and on about the connection between Bush and the Kennedy assassination. He claims there’s a DVD all about it. My cabbie on the way back went on and on about men and women and sex – specifically why he sees me in a more sexual way than my boyfriend does.

What is with these people? Too many gas fumes?

Speaking of high, the pollen count must be absurd today because for the first time this spring, I am a walking Benadryl commercial. Even my cat’s caught the sniffles. She stood over my head and literally sneezed me awake last night. Gross but true.

The two of us are quite the pair. As we recoup and regroup, I leave you with a reminder to go read the poem of the week which has now been updated.

Also, John’s weekly column will have more on Mr. McGonagall. Check it out Sunday morning here.

Have a great long weekend, and if I get some time, I will stop in and say hi. Until then…

4 thoughts on “Dopey and Sneezy”

  1. This is off-topic. I’m thinking about the current shrieking about the “popular vote” by the Clinton camp. I think you wrote the best essay on how unfair this metric is because of caucus states being proportionately underrepresented – sometimes to a fifth of its fair share. I hear nobody in the MSM even bringing this up. They only talk about the caucus states where no votes were released. Doesn’t it make you LIVID? Maybe it’s time to write about it again AmericaBlog. But I guess it’s also Obama’s fault for not promoting its perspective more forcefully.

  2. Hey there –

    This was the original post:
    When good math goes bad

    I’m glad you liked it. There was a second one that referenced the first. I’ll have to hunt that one down too.

    But to answer your question, yes, it drives me batty, but I am more baffled right now at how far off the rails Clinton’s gone. She just seems to have suffered a break from reality.

    And now the RFK reference? I’m still sussing out my thoughts on that one.

  3. ‘…and she ran off with her cabbie and they lived happily ever after.’

    Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

    I’ll bet that ride gave you the creeps.

    I think Wonkette has had the best post I’ve seen anywhere so far on Hillary’s RFK statement. lol.

  4. Oops. I accidentally commented as John McCain.

    I have a knack for attracting the creepiest of the fleet when it comes to cabbies in this town. It’s a gift.

    The MC clip does seem to mirror the tone of the HC delusional campaign these days. There were so many things wrong with what she said and what imagery that comment evoked that I am now convinced she’s six shades of crazy.

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