Mission to Mars

Right now, Ustream.tv’s got a chat room going to accompany its live coverage of the Phoenix Mars Lander.

Obviously, NASA TV’s got coverage too and all sorts of extra goodies, but if you’re into watching while chatting with other spacefans, Ustream’s your spot.

I’d also add that Miles is heading up coverage on CNN, and if you want to check it out, I will forgive your tuning in just this once. He’s a rock star and knows his space stuff better than anyone.

2 thoughts on “Mission to Mars”

  1. This may be your best post ever.

    For all you NASA nerds out there, here is a great animation of the Pheonix spacecraft landing on Mars.

    And this is one of my favorites… The Phoenix lander used legs and thrusters to land, but the three previous successful Mars landings used these airbag style ballons. Watch them bounce!

  2. It’s like an uber-resilient bunch of grapes!

    All the video needs is some awesome NASA techno music.

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