Random Tuesday Musings

I’m calling them Tuesings.

1. I’m getting really good at losing gigs to really good people. I found out today I didn’t get a job I’d applied for by randomly and coincidentally having lunch with the woman who did. But since she’s a good egg, I’m totally content with the outcome.

2. Smoothies are tasty. Homemade smoothies made with love are like heaven in a cup.

3. Senator Clinton said she’s not getting out of the race because you never know what could happen – like when RFK got shot. How that can be misconstrued is beyond me. How her campaign could seriously attempt to blame the media or Obama for twisting her words is straight jacket and padded room lunacy.

4. I know how hard it is to put together a select group of bloggers and make sure it is balanced and inclusive on all fronts, but the fact is it can be done. And it should be done. I did it for Election Night 2006. I’ll write more about this a little later.

5. Did I mention I like smoothies?

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