Oh Crist…

So I don’t know anything about PoliticsOne or Roger Stone so I’ve got questions out to some peeps who might. In the interim, I will add the following thought:

Um, yeah, right.

Miss Carol Rome – the “girlfriend” in question – turned up last night on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” The episode was a Lost Footage hour, and Rome’s Hamptons soiree made the cut even though she wasn’t actually a housewife ever mentioned or featured on the show. Coincidence? Sure. Convenient? Absolutely. Can’t hurt to raise her profile early and often. (Not that hoards of Republican voters are watching Bravo, but I recognized the name and connected the dots. I can’t be the only one.)

It’s possible my gaydar needs calibrating, and Captain Supertan is straight, but seemingly accidental antics – like an elevator make-out tape – and Crist suddenly making the rounds with a wife girlfriend to “prove” the governor likes girls is making me more skeptical, not less.

UPDATE: I forgot. There was this too.

Just to be clear – I’m not trying to give Crist a hard time. I’d be thrilled if he were gay. I’d prefer it. Go him! He’s a popular politician, and if he just happened to be gay, it’d be more ammo in the fight against close-minded homophobes – evidence that sexual preference does not a good or bad human make.

I’m just not sure this growing over-denial strategy is the best or most believable course of action for the possible VP pick. It’s just going to make some work even harder to dig up evidence to the contrary. And if any exists, I trust that those who really want to find it absolutely will.

2 thoughts on “Oh Crist…”

  1. “Stone, regular TPM readers know, is a Republican operative who prides himself as something of an elder statesman of GOP dirty tricks. He went to work for Richard Nixon at age nineteen, making him the “youngest Watergate dirty trickster.” He continues to idolize the man, even sporting a tattoo of Nixon’s face between his shoulder blades. On his website, the StoneZone, he proudly touts Nixon’s endorsement of him as “one of the very few excellent political professionals.””


    “Most recently, he was hired by New York Republicans for their battle with Gov. Elliot Spitzer (D), a gig that exploded when he was accused of making a threatening phone call to Spitzer’s 83 year-old father (Stone denied it).

    [Stone then went on to found (note the acronym) ‘Citizens United Not Timid’ a 527 to educate the public what Hillary is.] …”

    Roger Stone also played a key role in shutting down the Florida Recount in 2000 and claims to have been the FBI tipster who began the investigation into Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution probs.

    But what really stands out about Roger stone to me is his past when he was a Dole aid he and his wife were caught advertising all over the place in swingers magazines and he still frequents swing clubs (including the one club where he claims he met a woman who tipped him off to Spitzer’s being a naughty boy). More on all that here …

  2. So he’s a swinger who has a video of the Governor making out with a woman in an elevator that he says is a good thing because it proves the Governor isn’t gay.

    I feel like I’m watching CSI Miami.

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