Conventional Wisdom part II

“This year, we will more than triple the number of blogs credentialed to witness history in the making.” – Aaron Myers, Director of Online Communications for the DNCC

I know the DNCC took some flack after announcing the 55 blogs that would be credentialed to sit with their state/territory delegations on the convention floor. A lot of the controversy stemmed from the fact that the State Blogger Corps wasn’t particularly diverse. (There were also some questionable choices allegedly picked because of political connections). Seems the DNCC’s trying harder this time around:

The credentialed blogs represent a large and diverse collection of voices and perspectives. The pool includes blogs covering national, state and local politics and those representing a variety of groups including the African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American and LGBT communities. Blogs focusing on youth issues, women’s issues, labor issues, disability issues as well as those focusing on the environment and communities of faith will also be credentialed among many others.

Here‘s the list.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with all the convention picks, this step to include so many online voices is excellent news for the world of new media as a whole:

Altogether, the DNCC will credential more than 120 blogs for the Convention and many more individuals will blog the Convention via credentials issued through the U.S. Congressional Press Galleries.

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