I just discovered that Verizon charges you to call your own voicemail.

This makes no sense. They have this whole “in” network where Verizon to Verizon calls are free. Isn’t your Verizon call to your Verizon voicemail “in?” Shouldn’t it be free?

Instead it counts against your minute total which may not seem like a lot, but if you’re using your cell for business, it’s possible you’re calling into your voicemail many times a day.

The Comeback

Chris Matthews’ Sunday panel spent a considerable amount of time this morning discussing the pros of Joe Biden as Obama’s VP. Other names mentioned and quickly dismissed – Evan Bayh, Chuck Hagel, Sam Nunn.

John Edwards also came up – and I actually think that wouldn’t be such a bad idea – but Edwards has recently said he’s not interested so I am not sure he’s a viable option.

It’s no secret I’ve cultivated a somewhat campy adoration for Senator Biden. It started a couple years ago when Biden came into the The Situation Room. I told Wolf I thought he was kind of dreamy which went over like a lead balloon, but when I came home and told John, the anecdote grew wings and took flight.

Imagine the blog fodder if Biden steps back into the spotlight.

A girl can dream…

Finally Friday

I don’t think I’ve been this tired – good tired – in a long time. When I lived in England, they had a word to describe the feeling: knackered. As in, “I am positively knackered.” Rumor had it the word truly meant “sexually exhausted,” but it was used to cover all shades of drained.

Before I pass out, I owe you a link to the poem of the week and a reminder to read John’s Sunday column here.

Have an excellent weekend. And if it’s as hot there as it is here, try not to melt.

Husband or Bust

Miss Lindsay emails this week’s “Seriously Florida, WTF?” declining housing market edition:

Home For Sale Includes Wife

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A struggling single parent and real estate agent is trying to sell her house and find a husband.

She’s auctioning off both her home and herself in a package deal on eBay and, NewsChannel5’s sister station WPTV reported.

Single parent Deven Traboscia has been divorced for eight years. She had hoped to be remarried by now, so she is turning to the Internet for help.

In the ad, Traboscia writes, “If you want to live the never ending dream and experience the real love, life and the romance you have always felt was a fairytale, then this is the vibrant outstanding woman of your dreams! To sweep this European Loving Lady off her feet, send in your application right now.”

She goes on to say that her four-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home, that will be included in the deal, has “neutral colors, Berber carpet, and upgraded tile.”

Traboscia said she has already been contacted by one man in Italy, who is arranging a trip to South Florida to visit her.

Her eBay auction ends July 2 and asks for a starting bid of 99 cents with a shipping cost of $500,000. The auction has not yet received any bids.

Batsh*t Crazy

Pseudo was a big part of my life in many ways. I don’t have time to expound on this at the moment, but you better believe I will.

Behind Closed Doors

The elusive st points me to this story about defense lawyers in a Florida obscenity trial using Google Trends to define “community standards.” From the NYT:

In the trial of a pornographic Web site operator, the defense plans to show that residents of Pensacola are more likely to use Google to search for terms like “orgy” than for “apple pie” or “watermelon.” The publicly accessible data is vague in that it does not specify how many people are searching for the terms, just their relative popularity over time. But the defense lawyer, Lawrence Walters, is arguing that the evidence is sufficient to demonstrate that interest in the sexual subjects exceeds that of more mainstream topics — and that by extension, the sexual material distributed by his client is not outside the norm.

Let the Fun(d) Begin

It’s official. We got our grant. $10 million to be exact. We actually got word yesterday that the money came through, but I had to make sure it was ok to share.

It is. So I am. We are on our way.


Too busy to blog much, but I just went by the new Bush Legacy bus being unveiled today. It’s really something.

The Katrina exhibit was particularly compelling.

image courtesy Americans United for Change


Today was the start of my first full week back to work.

Of course there is a lot of actual work to do, but the surprising challenge of the day was getting acclimated to a PC once again. After leaving CNN, I became a full MacBook convert. Now that I am back in officeland, I’ve got to relearn desktop protocol. I “apple c’d” a lot to no avail.

In other totally unrelated news, my friend David asked me to answer a few questions for his blog. Never one to shy away from an opportunity to tell you what I think, I complied. Have a look.

Blue Monday

What sad news to start the week. George Carlin died of heart failure yesterday. He was 71.