Zoned Out

Emmy killed and ate a moth last night, and the first thing out of John’s mouth was the following:

“Please resist the urge to blog about this.”

I did…for a whole 12 hours.

Baby steps.

Anyway, Happy Monday. I heard on the TV this AM that there were 7 murders over the weekend in DC. 8 if you count the guy killed by a cop when he came at the officer with a knife. What is with this town?

In other local news, today’s the first day for meters in cabs. Most of the cabbies I’ve spoken with about the switch don’t seem to mind. They suspect they’ll make the same – if not more – money than before. The honest ones, that is. More than a few DC cabbies got very good at taking advantage of the complicated zone system, charging arbitrary amounts depending on the apparent naivete of the passenger. If you’ve been in DC for any significant amount of time, you’ve probably had an altercation with a taxi driver aiming to overcharge. Mine ended with a shouting match in the middle of the street one evening.

For the record, I won.

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