Here’s a picture from my Newt interview today:

He signed my book:

I bought the book in Marin County when we were out West a few weeks ago. The uberliberal who sold it to me was marginally mortified. Imagine if she found out he’d signed it too. Meltdown!

UPDATE: My mother just told me she now has a picture of both her kids with Newt. My brother had his picture taken with the former Speaker down in Georgia 10 years ago. Strange. If she can get it scanned and sent, I’ll totally post it.

UPDATE 2: Success!

2 thoughts on “Newt”

  1. Um, ew? That’s kind of like having your picture taken with Hitler, isn’t it? Especially if I were a woman…

  2. I don’t see it that way.

    It was an interview about the environment and energy policy, and as a reporter, it was an interesting conversation.

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