Owning It

Via Time: This is web strategy at its best. For all the talk about Web 2.0 – a term I despise, btw – really taking politics online to the next level means thinking creatively.

Last week, I posted an email going around about Obama. It read, in part:

For months, the Internet has been full of allegations about Barack Obama being a threat to Israel. My personal opinion is that the writings on the Internet were politically motivated and were not true, as much of what we read on the Internet is not true. I have been waiting to hear or read a definitive statement by Barack Obama on Israel. That came today.

The email goes on to outline Obama’s speech to AIPAC and his support of Israel.

I said at the time it was refreshing to see the power of viral email being used to spread good information instead of false accusations. And while Snopes does an excellent job of collecting and debunking the trash, it’s still a relatively hidden gem for much of the general population. The Obama camp does itself a huge favor by replicating the exercise and making it easier to find.

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