The Comeback

Chris Matthews’ Sunday panel spent a considerable amount of time this morning discussing the pros of Joe Biden as Obama’s VP. Other names mentioned and quickly dismissed – Evan Bayh, Chuck Hagel, Sam Nunn.

John Edwards also came up – and I actually think that wouldn’t be such a bad idea – but Edwards has recently said he’s not interested so I am not sure he’s a viable option.

It’s no secret I’ve cultivated a somewhat campy adoration for Senator Biden. It started a couple years ago when Biden came into the The Situation Room. I told Wolf I thought he was kind of dreamy which went over like a lead balloon, but when I came home and told John, the anecdote grew wings and took flight.

Imagine the blog fodder if Biden steps back into the spotlight.

A girl can dream…

3 thoughts on “The Comeback”

  1. Biden’s good. He’s definitely smart and would do well in any veep debates (which I think is at least somewhat important) but I don’t see what Biden helps deliver. Usually veep choices are aimed at bringing in another demographic – a target group that the candidate isn’t doing so well with. That’s why I think he’ll choose someone with military cred or a gov who can help him win an important state.

    Personally, I think he’ll choose Sebelius, not because she can help him win KS (he’ll probably lose the state no matter what, even though Sebelius just cruised to a second term and has nearly a 70% approval rating) but because her daddy was a gov of Ohio and that’s where her roots are. She still has family all over the state, many currently involved in state politics. That and she’s a red-state governor who is also very popular in neighboring states like Missouri and Colorado.

    I fail to see any other potential veep choice who can so help him deliver in key states, and it puts a woman on the ticket which just magnifies the whole ‘change’ theme.

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