Fact-check your own writing much?

Health Care for America Now…us.

Americans for Healthcare…not us. A project of SEIU.

Why is this so difficult to figure out?

Oh, and how about doing some reporting? “More reporting” seems a little ambitious for you at this point.

4 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. heh, just realized I caught you in a recording on msnbc talking with Schuster this morning.

    Good job! Wasn’t really impressed with Schuster trying to paint ‘Health Care for America Now!’ as some kind of a front for the Obama campaign.

    I could easily send you the video clip if you wanted.

  2. ok, I see Joe’s got you covered. lol

    I keep a couple channels recording most all day long as I grab a lot of the videos (& the occasional post) for C&L, so if you’re ever wanting a clip of most anything news related if I don’t have it I probably can get it for you.
    bill.w.crooksandliars at gmail dot com
    Feel free to give me a headsup anytime you want to catch something or are looking for vid to something recent. ;^D

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