I’m in Austin at Netroots Nation. I took this picture at lunch where you could get Whole Brisket for $9/lb. I went with the chicken.

Anyway, so far this convention is exactly how you might picture it. There are bunch of people in the hotel lobby typing away. Occasionally, we’ll play musical power cords and let someone running low amp back up. But all in all, it’s pretty tame.

I got outed at a panel this morning. I was standing in the back quietly minding my own business when a panelist had the room turn around to see me. Awkward.

More zany moments to come, I’m sure.

One thought on “Geektastic”

  1. Alright, I’m jealous. Everyone’s there. Oh well, maybe next year.

    Of course, that’s what I said last year about Chicago, but at least then I had a good excuse. This year it just kind of snuck up on me. (Screw spellcheck. Snuck really should be a word damn it). I didn’t even realize when or where it was until a couple weeks ago. I’ve got family all over the Austin area.

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