Mark Kovac reports on Kim – an SEIU member – who stood up and spoke out against AHIP today in Ohio:

Tense Moment at America’s Health Insurance Plans Campaign Launch

Here’s the audio from an audience question during the American Health Insurance Plans’ launch of the Campaign for an American Solution today in Columbus. AHIP, the trade group representing the health insurance industry, billed the event as a roundtable discussion with uninsured residents; its campaign is promoting health care reform members believe will lead to greater “coverage, affordability, quality, value, choice and portability.” The questions comes from one of the critics who don’t understand how an insurance industry built on profit can objectively and effectively push for lower rates and better quality coverage for all citizens, including those who can’t afford it.

Our own Jason Rosenbaum made a video out of that audio. It’s compelling.

Lorraine from Progress Ohio put her event photos online here.

And here’s an excellent Slate write on AHIP vs. HCAN.

photo courtesy Lorraine

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