Seems my Curve takes fuzzy pictures, but here’s a shot of Joe right before cutting the cake at his birthday party tonight. It was tough to tell if he was truly surprised, but I suspect we pulled it off.

I know it’s not your birthday, but here’s a gift – the new poem of the week! Then Sunday, treat yourself to a little something extra with John’s column here.

Normally, I’d say see you Monday, but I plan to post a little this weekend for various reasons so check back in if you have some time.


5 thoughts on “Surprise”

  1. Sitemeter is crashing everyone’s page in IE, incl yours Jax. (works fine in FireFox)

    From an email passed to me after I had already figured out the only thing in common with different sites that it was happening to was sitemeter:

    “Earlier today, for some reason, embedded SiteMeter code began crashing blogs and web pages in Internet Explorer 7. Readers who attempt to access your blog in IE 7 will see an error message: Internet Explorer cannot load the Internet site (URL) … Operation Aborted

    The web page will then stop loading and an error message will appear. The partially loaded web page will NOT be viewable to readers. In other words, visitors will NOT be able to access your website!

    I have confirmed this error on my own computers and with friends running IE 7. There’s a thread about it on Google Groups here.

  2. Damn, I can't believe Sitemeter hasn't fixed it by now. If you're using blogger's blog editor you can just go to the layout tab and click 'edit' on the page element copy the code there to word or notepad or someplace so you can replace it when/if sitemeter ever gets its shit together.

    Even if you aren't still using blogger's editor the code will look like this (I had to remove a few of the '<' symbols from the code so it would post):

    < !– Site Meter XHTML Strict 1.0 –>
    script src="http://s38.sitemeter….site=[code specific to your site]" type="text/javascript">
    !– Copyright (c)2006 Site Meter –>

    Then delete that page element (code) until you can log onto the sitemeter page with IE, then you can probably replace it.

    Here’s other links to sites reporting the problem:

    Sorry IE Users – Sitemeter Broke Our Site (Wizbang)
    Site Meter causing Internet Explorer failure

  3. BTW, if you only use IE, a friend passed along a workaround to fix this problem without having to use another browser”

    “To fix IE7: Click on the menu Tools -> Internet Options. Click on the tab Security. Click on the icon Restricted Sites. Click on the button Sites. Type the text ‘’ (without quotes). Click the Add button.”

    This blocks sitemeter from your browser and will allow the page to load. I tried it and it works.

  4. Thank you so much for the info. I’m in Safari so I wouldn’t have noticed had you not mentioned. I removed the sitemeter code for the time being. We’ll see what happens.

    But again…thank you!

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