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From the everything old is new(s) again file, CNN has found a way to make cutting back sound cool:

CNN has announced it is expanding its domestic newsgathering presence while introducing a relatively new title into the lexicon: “all-platform journalists.”

The all-platform journalists will join traditional general assignment reporters and CNN’s roster of show-based correspondents in 10 new U.S. cities.

The expansion can go forward due in large part to advances in technology. CNN uses lightweight kits combining cameras, editing and transmission technology (satellite and Internet) into a laptop-based system.

This concept is not new. We had a name for it back in the day. It was called being a one-man band, and it was how local stations got news on the air…cheap. For $15,000/year, you too could do it all(!) all by yourself(!)

Calling your young, inexperienced, willing to work for peanuts, aspiring on-air talent “all-platform journalists” is hysterical – in an ‘I can’t believe they’re all falling for it’ kind of way.

Someone should ask CNN how many seasoned reporters and photogs they’re planning to let go once their “all-platform journalists” are in place.

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