Sunday Night Conversation

Me: It’s SO not her baby.

John: It’s really not.

(repeat every 20 minutes or so)

UPDATE: Here’s the thing with this story. Let’s say it’s her baby, and Palin’s not covering for her teenage daughter. After all, I do recognize the absurdity of the allegation (though you have to admit it’s juicy and great fun to consider and discuss). Let’s say Palin gave birth to a special needs child 4 months ago.

Who leaves a 4-month-old – let alone a 4-month-old with Down syndrome – to hit the campaign trail? I’m not talking about a working mom going back to work after maternity leave. That’s tough enough. I’m talking about a woman taking off to jet around the country, diving head first into the grueling schedule of a Presidential campaign.

It gives one great pause.

One thought on “Sunday Night Conversation”

  1. Whether it’s her baby or not is almost moot now. Fox News just broke into hurricane coverage with news that Sarin Palin has just announced that her teenage daughter is pregnant. McCain’s head must be imploding.

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