My Internet connection’s down at home this morning so I’ll weigh in more thoroughly once I get wired again. However, I’m ready to throw something at my TV. Morning Joe (which I rarely watch and am now understanding why) is going on and on about Bristol Palin and Daily “Cause” and how the candidate’s kid shouldn’t be fair game.

I’m sorry, but I’m officially calling bullsh*t.

If Sarah Palin wanted to quash the Trig Ain’t Your Kid rumors, all she had to do was produce a birth certificate or a delivery doctor. Instead, she chose to out her currently pregnant teenager. SHE thrust her child into the spotlight. Sarah Palin made her own kid’s condition the story.

Also, let’s not forget the Palin position that abstinence-only education is the way to go. If her mandate didn’t work at home, that too is the electorate’s business.

Just because it happens to lots of families doesn’t make it right. Lots of families aren’t running to run our country. Sarah Palin should be held to a higher standard than “lots of families” and at that she has already failed miserably.

TV talkers should stop being afraid of the Internet (I’m talking to you MSNBC). Good bloggers are doing the work many reporters are afraid to do. Most network/cable correspondents ultimately answer to corporate higher ups who write the checks, and therefore, they opt to err on the side of ubersafe.

And when the Vice Presidency is on the line, I think burying your head in the sand and blaming the bloggers is downright dangerous.

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