Que Sera, Sarah

I’ll admit it. I cannot get enough of this Sarah Palin story. I keep trying to figure out how in G-d’s name this happened – that she got named to the Republican Party ticket with all this garbage in her closet. I’m also slightly annoyed at the tendency to tiptoe around the obvious. See, it is absolutely our right to go digging around. Sarah Palin made her family our business the minute she accepted the VP spot. She decided it was ok to thrust her loved ones into the spotlight. And you know what makes it even more egregious an error? She knew what people might discover…and she went for it anyway.

See, Bristol Palin is a 17-yr-old girl. A pregnant 17-yr-old girl whose mother threw her under the bus. Her personal business is now the nation’s business. It became so the moment her abstinence-only, anti-choice mom put her own ambition above the privacy – and most likely the emotional stability – of her teenage child. I can only imagine how traumatic this must be for that young girl. And to say Sarah Palin didn’t expect this to happen is to say Palin is beyond naive, and if that is the case, then she has no business playing in national politics.

For the record, no one’s going after Bristol Palin. They’re going after her mom who wants to be the nation’s second in command. Fair game. Totally fair game.

And while we’re at it, the liberal blogosphere didn’t impregnate Sarah Palin’s daughter. Any attempt to blame the discovery of the truth on the viciousness of the left wing is ridiculous. They did the background check the McCain camp seems to have dismissed as unnecessary. Sarah Palin wants to be Vice President under a 72-year-old man who’s had several bouts with the deadliest form of skin cancer. Palin could be a heartbeat away from running your country. She could appoint judges who’d overturn a woman’s right to choose. She could decide teaching safe sex is wrong and teaching creationism alongside evolution is right. She could send your kid to war.

Examining her track record at home is absolutely okay. She wants a say in my life? I get to take a long hard look at hers.

It’s going to be fun to see how this shakes out over the next 48 hours. All I ask is that the media start working harder and the bloggers don’t stop. Don’t be afraid of what the pundits might say. Nevermind how it might look. There’s a lot at stake. Stick to the facts, go easy on the wild speculation, and you’ll be just fine.

How the Palin family fares on the tail end is another story.

8 thoughts on “Que Sera, Sarah”

  1. “Examining her track record at home is absolutely okay. She wants a say in my life? I get to take a long hard look at hers.”

    About goddamn time someone said this! I hate when people say, “What business is it of ours to question their personal lives?” Well played.

  2. Thanks all. It’s good to know I’m not alone here.

    I also recognize I’m well on my way to PA (Palin Anonymous), but I can’t help it.

  3. how many times do we have to repeat to the republican crapsters or “leave the family alone crowd” that we in the blogosphere are going after her MOM not the 17 year or the f*u*kin redneck Levi.

    Thanks for articulating this so nicely

  4. Followed the link from deusexmalcontent. Well put. Totally fair game. When the shoe is on the other foot, these people cry foul and get all righteous, it’s disgusting. And it’s McC’s camp who’s coming forward a lot of the info on Bristol-gate. (am sick of adding -gate, can’t think of anything else right now, sorry)

    I should probably join Palin Anonymous too. cheers!

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