Your Mid-Day Palin Fix…

Some Sarah Palin Statistics

Age of the earth according to Sarah Palin: 6,000 years
Actual age of the earth: 4.5 billion years

Population of Wasilla, Alaska: Less than 7,000
Population of all of Alaska: 620,000
Population of Columbus, Ohio: 750,000

Known instances when Palin has offered a detailed opinion on U.S. foreign policy: 0
Number of times Palin has travelled abroad: 1
Number of senior McCain reps who’ve argued “but Alaska is close to Russia”: At least 2
Years since land bridge b/w Russia and Alaska existed: 7,000
Russian military actions against Alaska throughout history: 0
Number of documented decisions Palin made as “CIC” of Alaska’s National Guard: 0

Number of states in the Union: 50
Number of states if Palin’s “Alaska Independence Party” has their way: 49

Number of 527 groups Palin has led for indicted Senator Ted Stevens: 1

Year Palin believes the Pledge of Allegiance (“Under God”) was written: Pre-1776
Year the Pledge of Allegiance was written: 1892
Year the phrase “Under God” was added to the Pledge: 1954

Number of Palin kids (including Bristol’s): 6
Number of kids in her sister’s family: 9
Success rate of Palin’s abstinence-only sex ed. program in her own family (Age 16+): 50%

U.S News national ranking of universities that Obama attended: 1, 8 and 8 (tied)
U.S. News ranking of the University of Idaho: Did not Qualify

Percentage of Republicans who consider Sarah Palin unqualified to be President: 16%

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