How Low Can It Go

I’m at a friend’s so mobile blogging is in full effect. Of course we’re talking Palin. MSNBC’s on in the background, and David Gregory just reported the GOP talking point that “nobody’s perfect.” Vetting shmetting. Everybody’s got their something.

Perhaps, but it seems Palin’s in a whole new league. And that said, how bad does it have to get before Republicans say enough? Where’s their tipping point?

One thought on “How Low Can It Go”

  1. I have a question: Knowing what you supposedly knew about Sarah Palin’s background and circumstances – knowing that this mother of five had just given birth to a baby with Down syndrome, and that her own unmarried teenage daughter was five months pregnant (due date: Jan. 09, inauguration time!) – and you seem to talk a lot about family values, well how could you conclude that uprooting this woman from her home and asking her to perform the duties of a VP is best for that family?
    Still, there’s some small part of me that can’t wait for the series premiere of Bristol Knows Best.

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