Dumbing It Down

Not having Internet access is killing me. Sarah Palin’s family looks terrified. Todd looks dead behind the eyes. I find it awkward Sarah’s spending so much time focusing on her family when the McCain camp has asked the media et al to stay off the subject.

Is she graduating high school or running for the second highest office in the land?

This speech is just strange.

Ewww. Look at the little girl licking her hand and then petting the head of the infant. Ewwww.

Sorry. Distracted.

Overall, the speech feels simple and empty and yet still not something she wrote herself. I’ll give her the lines about the plane and the cook, but her lies about the Bridge to Nowhere don’t sit well. And it’s hard to believe she’s not in bed with big oil knowing she ran a Stevens PAC and is a Republican from Alaska.

She just made fun of Obama’s having written two books. Good move. I’ll bet most of her target audience hasn’t read two books.

Ok, that was wrong. I should be nicer to the sad, delusional lady.

When she says “my sister Heather and her husband just built a service station,” is she talking about the sister with 9 kids, or is that a different sister?

I know the press will probably say she did a great job and got the crowd riled up and blah blah blah.

But it sure felt like amateur hour to me. There’s nothing Vice Presidential about this woman.

And as someone who now works alongside longtime community organizers and relies on community organizers in the field to help build the heart and soul of our nationwide health care campaign, I’m actually offended she keeps belittling their contribution.
Oh thank goodness she’s done.

I’ve had enough.

Someone should tell Levi to spit out the gum.

3 thoughts on “Dumbing It Down”

  1. Thanks! Although are you sure as a new mom you don’t relate and feel for Sarah Palin? Does her kid not make you want to lick your kid’s head too?

  2. I did not watch the live version, but ended up finding it on youtube after a lively discussion with my boss. I told him Obama moved me to tears during his speech (and I don’t do politics!); he said Sarah Palin was lauded by the Dems as having hit a home run and he was in tears as well. So, I had to find it.

    I can’t imagine what he was talking about. I chose to only absorb at first, but in the end all I could think was ‘she should have been an actress.’

    And don’t you just hate it when a speaker pauses (beat, beat, beat)… for the applause? Instead of letting the applause interrupt. Gawd!

    Another thing: As much as I hate seeing speakers do that closed-fist pointing thingy, I despised her finger-pointing.

    I think Letterman said it best the other night: John McCain is a war hero. There is nothing the presidency can add, in terms of acknowledgement and the respect of the American people, to his military service. Get the statue and go home.

    I can’t wait to watch McCain’s speech now.

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