Nicole Wallace should write for ABC. She believes anthrax and hurricanes affect Alaska. As heard on CNN –

“Governors have to protect their citizens from everything from hurricanes to anthrax attacks.”

She also believes in fast plot development –

“I spent some time with her over the past 5 days, and she’s a woman who says what she means and means what she says.” 5 days is quite the track record. You MUST know her well. Surprised you’re not Palin’s baby’s godmother by now, Nic.

I can’t watch TV news anymore. It hurts my brain.

To Soledad’s credit, she did ask if Nicole meant those 5 days of “quality bonding take my word for it” time should somehow wipe out Palin’s legislative and political record, but Nicole was sufficiently dim enough to defend the utter absurdity of her own suggestion, and Soledad had to just move on. I think a little piece of her soul died in the moment too.

As an aside, the “blogger” they had on after Nicole was Rachel from The Real World San Francisco (She’s a McCain supporter). Does no one else recognize her and have trouble taking her seriously as a political contributor? Of all the qualified bloggers out there, she’s whom they chose?

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