Cable Ready

Waiting for the Comcast technician (who just showed up with the surliest of dispositions and an allergy to cats), I was watching the latest Palin McCain pep rally on TV.

When Palin repeated part of her convention speech as if it were new, I thought maybe she’d lost her place on the page and was simply reverting back to an oldie but goodie until she could take a pause and catch up. But when she then spewed even more convention rhetoric, including the ebay plane story and the missing chef quip, I knew something was up.

Someone should tell Sarah Palin we have national TV – even cable – now, and when she gives a speech in Michigan or Minnesota, people can hear it and see it in other places across the country.

Zipping around the nation as McCain’s new cheerleader repeating stale jokes and bad catch phrases tells me nothing significant about Sarah Palin. It certainly gives me no indication as to whether or not she’s qualified to do anything other than root for John McCain.

Call me crazy, but I’m going with not.

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