Delayed Reaction

John made me record McCain’s speech so he could eat his dinner in peace and not have to watch. He cooked. I obliged.

But now it’s on, and I’ll share my thoughts as I watch.

What is the weird pointing thing? What’s that about?

Hey as I wait for the half-assed chanting to die down, did you hear Sarah Palin transfered btwn several different schools before graduating from Idaho? I need to look it up tomorrow, but rumor has it it’s quite the list of institutions.

Back to McCain. They did not go with green again?!? Wow. They so did! Does no one peek outside the bubble? Did they not see the feedback last time around?

Protestor. Nice.

Tack. Attack. Whatever.

McCain has 7 kids? Did I know that? He and Palin aren’t running for office. They’re fielding a team. Plus alternates.

Oh. It’s a cornfield behind him. Good to know. Now it’s sky. And a flag. Excellent strategy. Distract them with faux scenery.

Is that code pink? Ha. Classic.

McCain: Please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the static (har har har)

Me: What does that mean?

John (making a brief living room cameo): I don’t know. I’m sure it meant something 40 years ago.

Palin time. Oh look, it’s Levi and Bristol! If Bristol wasn’t holding Levi’s hand so tight, do you think he would run away?

What a boring speech. Is it possible to be de-inspired by someone?

I’d stop watching, but I’ve got to hear what McCain says about health care reform. Not that I expect it’ll come up. But if it does, I’m totally ready.

McCain just mentioned a couple who lost their real estate investments. Plural. Investments. How many of those do you know?

Anyone catch what Sarah Palin was mouthing about culture of life? I’d love to know what she said. She was figuring something out.

Ooo. Health care. Here it is:
“My health care plan will make it easier for more Americans to find and keep good health care insurance. His plan will force small businesses to cut jobs, reduce wages, and force familes into a government-run health care system where a bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor.”

Wow. Wow. I’m livid. Wow. Total lie. Up and down and across the board.

The upside is now we know what the counter-reform argument’s going to sound like. Thanks for the sneak peek, McCain. But wow. I mean really. Wow.

No one’s forcing anyone into anything. Our solution (which Edwards, Clinton, and Obama all adopted) is to let you keep the insurance you have if you like but at the same time give you the choice of opting into a newly created public plan so you are not left at the mercy of the private insurance industry. Also, we want government to act as a watchdog, setting and enforcing rules so insurance companies can’t keep denying or dropping coverage when people get sick.

I’ve now missed a chunk of McCain’s speech because I am so worked up over health care. But I did hear something about Iran and nukes and Russia and aggression. Did McCain just declare war?

As my brother used to say when he wanted to be excused from the dinner table as a kid, can I be full? I’m done. I don’t want to mentally digest anymore.

John (just came in to say goodnight): Is he still talking? Is he still alive?

McCain’s now into his POW story for the gazillionth time. Just in case you missed the video biography at the start of the speech. Or the last 30 years.

And with that, I’m done. My DVR just threw up. It stopped recording at the end of the hour and spared me the rest.

If I missed anything important, I’m sure the media will let me know.

2 thoughts on “Delayed Reaction”

  1. Thank you for the summary. I didn’t have the stomach to watch it, myself. I’m sure that your version was quite a bit more entertaining, anyway

  2. It was tough to liveblog on a blackberry (actually it was tough to stomach the whole thing period), but being able to weigh in made having to watch it more bearable.

    Glad you liked.

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