Comcast Can’t Tell Time

They called me at 12pm to ask if I was home.

For an appointment at 2pm.

Then they called me again at 1:40pm.

For an appointment at 2pm.

I made it abundantly clear to Comcast over the past several days that I would not be available before 2pm. It was the whole reason I had it out with them yesterday. Twice.

Once I fix the health care system, I may go after cable companies. Or airlines. They tick me off too.

Update: After not answering his phone for hours, the Comcast guy called at 5pm saying he’d be another 45 mins. This is the same guy that asked me to be home early and – when I said no go – then requested I meet him at 2pm on the dot. How dysfunctional is this company?

Update 2: Cable guy knew I was going to be pissed when 5:45pm came and went so he had a Comcast rep call me to run interference. They now swear someone will be here first thing tomorrow morning.

That’s 8 hours of wasted time and counting.

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