Morning. I’m waiting to hear from Comcast. Again. The window’s from 8-11.

I went to a small party last night for a congressional candidate from Jersey. There was a lot of miscellaneous Palin chatter. Ok, I initiated a lot of the miscellaneous Palin chatter, but still.

I’m sure something fun will pop up later today, but in the interim, I’m all about Palin and women. All the women I spoke with yesterday have this visceral reaction to Sarah. It’s not just me.

I think there’s something effective ad-wise to be done with her ridiculous stance on the issues affecting women – from equal pay to control over one’s own body. But the key would be laying out all the facts and not saying who supports them. Then once women are sufficiently outraged, you close the ad with a shot of Palin and explain they don’t come from some neanderthal man but this plastic, empty vessel of a woman.

One other thing. There was a conversation on MSNBC the other day about Palin avoiding the press, and a contributor suggested we’d forgive Sarah for wanting to spend time with her son before he deployed to Iraq, but then after that, she’d have to start making the rounds. But see, the thing is, Palin hasn’t been home bonding with her son. She’s been out on the campaign trail reciting the same tired lies day in and day out.

So while some might like to pretend Palin’s little end run is all about family values, it’s not. She’s not home kissing her kid good-bye. She’s not avoiding reporters in order to grab those last precious moments alone in Alaska with Track.

Instead, she’s out campaigning and has been all week. She’ll be in Fairfax, VA today. Considering tomorrow’s September 11th, either Sarah’s been fudging her son’s date of deployment or something’s askew.

Pay attention, people. This is not a quality human being.

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