If Palin Doesn’t Scare the Sh*t Out of You,

maybe this will

Say hello to John McCain’s health care plan. Ezra Klein explains:

as it becomes less affordable for employers to pay for health care, they’ll stop doing it. Put another way: You’re not going to pay higher taxes, you’re going to lose your health care coverage. Then you’ll be in the individual market where McCain will give you a fixed tax credit — $5,000 for a family, or about 40 percent the cost of the average plan — to purchase care.


Along with his advisers, [McCain] thinks total health care spending is too high because employers by (sic) lavish plans and employees don’t realize those plans are coming out of their paychecks. If the employees were buying the plans, they’d buy cheapers ones, and use less health care. All these premises are probably true. And the outcome will be that people have less health care, and can’t access needed services, and go bankrupt a lot. The bottom line is that this isn’t merely a tax increase. It’s a governance philosophy that holds that the problem with health insurance is that you have too much of it, and John McCain aims to change that. He has, in other words, a policy that will pay down the federal debt with money raised through human misery.

Read Joe Klein too:

But make no mistake: this plan will do little or nothing for those who do not have insurance now–unless they are young and healthy–and it may well hurt a fair number of workers, especially unionized workers, who get gold-plated benefits from their employers.

It will certainly do nothing for families with members who have pre-existing conditions or children with special needs–because it makes no provision to regulate the insurers, forcing them to cover all comers at “community” rates that don’t discriminate against the people who need health insurance most.

This is why I do what I do now. It’s so important. If you want to help, call your Members of Congress (It’s free and suggests what to say. You can’t beat that!), and ask them to support quality, affordable health care for everyone.

Click to call your member of Congress and demand quality, affordable health care!

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